RRNWR Headquarters Unit- 08/03/14 FOF Alder Flycatcher

Hi all, Few are the times (RRNWR Headquarters Unit- 08/03/14 FOF Alder Flycatcherat least in my experience) when one goes out
with the express intention of getting an early fall migration extralimital
date for a select species and is successful. Today was such a day! Mark
Wilson and I birded the overlook, then ran to the Chocolate trail in back
of the unit. On our 3rd stop there, we finally heard an Alder Flycatcher
giving low, almost whispered songs, trills and the sibilant, whistled
"turreyih" or "turyih" calls. I was successful in recording the calls and
song. With the recent, somewhat oddly-timed cold front, it really wasn't
all that surprising. The bird was approximately .14 miles North of the
Southwest end of the trail on the East side- at the exact portion of trail
where the continuous rough-leaf dogwood edge drops in elevation slightly
and mostly ends, then continues on as swamp privet/mix edge with numerous
dead saplings and assorted vines.